Thursday, November 8, 2007

100th Post!!!!

Woo!! Here it is!! The Stitch Society's 100th Post!!

Professor Jeffrey Mayer has been with the University's fashion design program for 15 years. Stitch interviewed him about the current “That Girl” exhibit displayed in the fashion design office.

Stitch: Can you explain the project?
Mayer: Well a few years ago the fashion program was in Slocum hall. We had a great
exhibit space which was the Genet Gallery. When they started to renovate Slocum, we had to move everything down to Skytop on south campus. We had to look to see where we could set up our next exhibition space and came across the 3rd floor in Lyman. We cleaned it out, painted the walls a nice ‘Dior Gray’ and we’ve been holding the exhibits in this room for a year now.

Stitch: How long is each exhibit shown for?
Mayer: Each exhibit lasts a semester, which gives students the chance to come and see
each one as they can.

Stitch: How do you come up with the themes for each of the exhibits?
Mayer: Well the last exhibit was Marie Antoinette themed. It was when the movie came
out, so inspiration came from that. We had Marie Antoinette expressed in 3 different eras. It was really cool to see a fashion rock star Marie. This exhibit was inspired by the show “That Girl”. It was about an aspiring actress in New York City named ‘Ann Marie’ played by Marlo Thomas. The mod fashion is still relevant to today and can be seen in modern trends and what people are wearing.

Stitch: So can you tell us what the concept for the next exhibit will be?
Mayer: We’re thinking Queen Victoria. The walls will be plaid, tons of pictures, the
room will be completely different. You’ll have to come back and see!

So everyone, check it out!



Sarah said...

i love that girl! and i love those clothes!

Jack said...

This is just a fabulous look for any occasion. I've never seen someone so pretty in my life. She has a great look to her. The vibrancy and the sophisticatedness is just phenomenal. Loves it!

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