Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very Important...

Hey Everyone,

I wouldn’t be writing to you unless it was very important.

This new years, after 2 years of careful use, my Canon flashed the dreaded “Err99” on its screen, keeled over, and died. It doesn’t even turn on.

While I mourn for dear ‘Othello’, I must also think to the future. The future, being a brand new camera so I can take awesome pictures to post on this site so we can all be happy.

I am not asking for contributions, I’m asking you to buy a ‘Don’tHate’. I’ve gotten tons of compliments and made a bunch for friends and they all love them. They’re half blanket, half scarf, and I assure you, completely awesome.

100% of the profits go to the camera, I am hoping to buy one as soon as possible to keep this website going.

Discounts are available for long time viewers.

C’mon people:

Love, ‘Don’tHate’.




P.S. Customizable Don'tHates are available upon request.