Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I really like this look, its very clean-cut. T he coat and the boots make it almost military-like.

What do you guys think about dressing up when it gets colder? easier? harder? not different?


P.S. Thank you very much Lawrence for the VERY helpful e-mail, we own you one.


Anonymous said...

This is an average outfit. Sure, the girl avoided the bulkiness of winter dressing. But, I don't find anything exceptional or creative in this ensemble. For me, a fashion blog should be inspiring, and this picture falls short of that goal of giving me a new perspective, or idea of what to wear tomorrow.
I don't mean to sound completely negative, I'm glad that Stitch is encouraging our comments.

Also, I really like the color of her hat.

ofevertotello said...

Yo this girl is totally rad. I love the way she looks in that coat. I find it very inspirational. Young girls will look up to her everywhere.

But turn, she does have a sick hat.

Karina said...

Hmmmm... with all due respect, isn't this a street style blog, not just "fashion?" So, I think this girl looks great and thank you, Stitch, for bringing us these wonderful images, whether we would always choose them for our own outfits or not! :-)