Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Skull Leggings...


Great colours here. Love the skull accent.


Do any of you throw in a Rock n' Roll style in with what you own? how?


caitlin said...

i reaaaally wouldn't call this rock and roll style... it's just the dread shirt-and-leggings combination, recycled yet again. it must have been a slow style day...?

Jojo said...

caitlin I think You should open your eyes. You wouldn't know rock if it bit you on the behind...especially Punk.

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't call a look punk if it's something you can buy at H&M.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about rock, (except for not fixing my hair), but I have a thing for gothic style. I don't know how to use it just yet, though.

Caverta Sildenafil said...

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Anonymous said...

nice one, i just added up a lot of fresh emo backgrounds in my blog