Monday, February 18, 2008

Collections We've Loved...

London based designers often seem very 'over the top' compared to New York Designers.... Yup.


Meager segue (check)
Throw reader into metaphorical lions den (about to)

Meet Gareth Pugh.

Pugh started as a costume designer at the age of 14. He graduated from Central Saint Marten's where his senior collection included the use of balloons to distort the model's limbs and features. This is one of his signature techniques. He claims his work is about the struggle of light and darkness. Fashion Goddess/diva Anna Wintour is a noted supporter of his work.

His Fall 2008/2009 collection had a harsh, warrior feel. Immediately, from the first exit, I thought the 'Predator' movies, he also states he got some inspirations from the Wizard of Oz.
Not all fashion is meant to be completely commercial. Gareth Pugh puts so many people out of their comfort zones with his designs, and we couldn't love him more for it.

What do you guys think?




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Created by Elin Sandberg said...

This designer is not afraid of anything!