Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drag Queens vs. High End Designers...

It's like the chicken and the egg. The timeless question of 'who came first?'

Round I:Was it "Lady" Mc Cup-On-Head who inspired this Kenzo S/S 2007 RTW look? Or was the mass amount of blue sequins too much for Lady who had to copy it herself?
Round II: We all know that vertical stripes on pants give the illusion of a longer leg, but who did it first? Was it:Balenciaga S/S 2006 RTW


Stilty Mc Stilty-Pants

Round 3: When trying to come to terms with your graying hair, everyone knows its best to not draw too much attention to yourself with what you wear. So who chose to wear as many sequins as humanly possible first? Was it:Emilio Pucci in his S/S 2006 RTW collection?

This Diva?


P.S. Happy Fall/Winter Haute Couture week. Everyone go check out Dior, that show was balllaaaa!

Note: All pictures that do not have the Stitch watermark are taken from Style.com


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