Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning from Drag Queens and Kings...

Furry umbrellas do not keep you dry, they keep you fabulous.

Go gold.

Twins look cuter when dressed up alike when they're young.


Always compare wing size with a friend before you go out

Wings: the bigger the better

Flags = Accessories

Boots are impressive

Not just gladiator sandals, gladiators are back in...

Mesh is better in neons

Stay fabulous!



Antonio Barros said...

The pink is the new black! :)

Caroline said...

Where was this parade located? I definitely agree. Wings SHOULD be in. Then we could really get to accessorizing...not all this measly stuff we do now with sunglasses, necklaces, etc ;)

Birk-G said...


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Appeal to the Eye said...

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AMIT said...

Is this pictures are of some festival?

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Kath said...

haha yay gay pride nyc. "Fur umbrellas don't keep you dry, they keep you fabulous." So funny and so true!